Aug 28, 2008

Prithviraj versus Prithviraj

A battle is brewing between Pritviraj's producers over whose film will release for Onam 2008. Pritviraj's Thalapavu and Thirakatha, both are slated for release on 'Thiru Onam' day- September 12. Both the films are close to Pritvi's heart and he does not want to play favourites. The Madhupal directed Thalapavu, has been long in the making. In the film Pritvi plays 'Naxal' Joseph, the Che Guvera like character who tried to organize the working class in Wayanad's estates in the 70's. Pritvi who in real life is said to be a left sympathizer, has acted almost free in the film. Lal, Manianpillai Raju, Rohini and Jagathy are others in this film. The film is being distributed by Lal creations. In Thirakkatha Pritvi plays a budding film director of the 80's, Akbar Ahamed, whose films are criticized for 'lifting' storylines from Hollywood. It is on the inside story of the glamorous world of film making and is directed by the actors mentor Ranjit, who gave him his first break in Nandanam. The film also boasts of National Award winning actress Priyamani, playing the role of a glamorous actress. The movie is produced by Varnachithra Subair and Ranjit's Capital Theatres. Now everything depends on whether Lal Creations or Varnachitra gets the better theatres for Onam, as both are determined to release their films on the same day!

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