Aug 28, 2008

Mohanlal starts Red Chillies

Mohanlal started work on his new thriller Red Chilies, directed by Shaji Kailas in Kochi. The script of the film is by A.K Sajan, whose combination with Shaji Kailas worked wonders with Chintamani Kolacase. Mohanlal plays Omar, a multi-millionaire settled in Gulf who runs a popular FM station in Kochi. Omar is a multi-lingual person and can speak in English, Arabic and Malayalam, and travels in a Land Cruiser SUV. He only communicates through the e-mail with his nine FM Radio Jockeys known as Red Chilies, who are madly in love with him. On a New Year eve he promises that he will reveal his love for one of them. But a twist happens, as they are murdered one-by-one. It is an edge of the seat thriller, with nine new sexy models playing the Red Chilies. The film produced by Rajaputra Renjit is going to be distributed by Vysakha. Red Chilliesis Mohanlal's Christmas release on December 19.

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