Jul 26, 2008

Rajinikant helps Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan got shocked when he heard that Superstar Rajnikant's Tamil film 'Kuselan' has been wrapped up and will be releasing in August. Rajnikant's previous film 'Sivaji' although was a Tamil film managed to get unexpected attention of people from all over India. So the producers of 'Kuselan' had planned to release the Hindi dubbed version at the same time when the movie hits the cinema halls in south. Kuselan' is the remake of the Malyalam hit film 'Katha Parayumbol' so is King Khan's forthcoming film 'Billoo Barber'. Sharukh wanted to finish off the work of his film fast and get it released as a Diwali movie. And he was also confident of getting his film first to the theaters. Upon hearing that the Hindi version of 'Kuselan' will be reaching the theaters much before his film will get exposed, SRK panicked as if this happens the box office prospect of 'Billoo Barber' will get severely damaged due to having the same theme and story. Adding more intensity to his tension was that in both the films, the lead actors appear in 20 different looks in a single song. SRK had no other option than to make a call to the South Superstar and request him to change the north Indian release date of 'Kuselan'. Rajnikant considered Sharukh's request and assured him that his film will get to the halls only after Diwali.

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