Jul 26, 2008

Action Khiladi against eight wrestlers

In 'Singh Is Kinng' Akshay Kumar may be enacting the role of a village simpleton who ends up in a foreign country amid strange people and unfamiliar circumstances. But when it is the action king of Bollywood doing the role of the leading man, can some high voltage action be left out? To add some breathtaking action sequences and to provide the sardar with tough opposition to prove his Punjabi strength, the Khiladi will be seen confronting eight professional wrestlers. The eight WWE wrestlers have been selected from Australia and will be seen in an action sequence. During the shooting, all the eight muscle men gelled well with Akshay. Between the shots the film star and the fighters talked a lot as some of them had seen Akshay's films. A wrestler named Chris even shared some arm wrestling secrets with the Khiladi.

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