Oct 16, 2007

Will they work together?

A lot has been spoken and written about the Shahid – Kareena break-up. Initially, there was talk that it was a publicity stunt to get free mileage for the film JAB WE MET, which teams them again for the fourth time. But, gradually, it came to light that the couple has indeed gone separate ways. With JAB WE MET slated for release on October 26 [not too far away], the question on everyone’s lips is, will the estranged couple promote the film together? “Of course, we will,” Shahid tells me, “The film is at a crucial stage right now. Also, professionally speaking, if there’s a job you need to do, you can’t shy away from it.” Alright, what if JAB WE MET works [we pray, it does!]. Will we see them together [on screen] again? “Sure, why not? If an interesting project comes by, I wouldn’t mind working with her again,” he states. That’s the spirit!

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