Apr 19, 2010

Jayasuriya in 4 getups for Nallavan

The more serious actors in Malayalam had been experimenting with their getups, whenever they are in different characters. Now taking a cue from the seniors, younger actors are also trying to mould their appearances to suit the characters on screen. The actor, about whom we are talking about, is Jayasuriya who had already shown the guts to be the comedian, villain and the hero in different films, coming out in the same time.

Jayasuriya is appearing in four getups for the new movie ‘Nallavan’, which has just completed its shoot. The actor will be appearing as a youth of age 20, 25 and 35 in this movie. For each age-group, Jayasuriya has gone for a different look and hairdo. He has even worn a look with spring hairs and one with clean shaven head. Jayasuriya will be donning the character named 'Kocherukkan' living in a Tamil village, who is forced to go behind bars for reasons that were unknown to him.

“Mollywood viewers always enjoy films, giving a very critical look on every aspect. So to keep them engaged and interested, we will have to go for changes ranging for the looks to the narratives. And when I got a very solid promising plot in ‘Nallavan’, I thought I must give hundred percent to the film”, says Jayasuriya about his different looks in the movie.

‘Nallavan’ directed by popular TV name Aji John, has already completed its shoot and is in post production stages. The movie will grace the theatres by the mid of May as a summer release.

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