Mar 31, 2010

Why Aarya Babbar was embarrassed on Tees Maar Khan sets

Bollywood actor Aarya Babbar, who is currently shooting for Farah Khan's Tees Maar Khan, was so excited on the first day of shoot that he performed an entire scene without even any instruction from the director.

Aarya had a scene with 40 villagers, but he was so excited to be shooting with Khan that he started performing even before she could say action.

"I was very excited to give my first shot for Farah. My scene went off great and everyone clapped and I had a sigh of relief that it was a good start... then I saw Farah walking towards me and she said 'I didn't even say action, sweetheart!'

"In my excitement, I didn't even realise if Farah said action or not. I was so embarrassed," said the actor.

Aarya has been part of films such as Guru and Jail, among others.

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