Dec 21, 2009

Katrina Kaif remains 'just another girl' despite the 'sexy' tag

Katrina Kaif has had three big hits in 2009. A track record that none of her peers can even begin to equal in these times of creative and box-office recession. That isn't all. She has just been declared as the sexiest Asian actress by a leading Asian website from London.

But the girl remains grounded, so much so that she refuses to budge from her abode in a bustling part of Mumbai.

"I know I've been reading about relocating my home. I admit I've looked at a few properties. But nothing seriously. Though it's a little noisy on my street I'm too attached to the place I stay in. I'm also too lazy to make a move. Yes, I'll need a bigger place when my sister Isabelle joins me. But right now she's studying acting in the US. There's still time," says the actress.

So is she planning to move home?

"Not at all. I've always wanted a home by the sea. But I love my current home too much. So no plans of moving."

No plans of signing any new films yet either.

"It's very sweet of directors to mention my name in forthcoming projects. I feel privileged. But I haven't said yes to anything new. At the moment I've cut my workload by half because of my ill health."

As for being designated one of Asia's sexiest women by Eastern Eye, the stars smiles: "Me? Hot and sexy? People should see me at home. I'm painfully unglamorous. Just another working girl making a living.

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