Mar 19, 2009

Vijay- son Sanjay and their swaying dance

Here’s a fantastic treat for all diehard fans of Vijay who are mounted with lots of expectations on his ‘Vettaikkaran’. Across the exotic locales of Rajahmundry the title song featuring Vijay and 100 juniors were extensively canned. And here’s a literal depiction of the song that earlier unknown to Vijay himself.

Vijay’s son Jason Sanjay who had visited his dad on the shooting sets kept imitating his steps behind the lens. It was merely a twist in scenario when Director Babu Sivan glimpsed cute fella’s gestures with finesse. For sure, who would miss this spotlighting trait in a commercial flick tailored for ‘Box Office’ King? Right way, the kid was on the floors shaking legs with his dad.

Says Vijay Antony, ‘Indeed it’s a smashing chartbuster with fast-beat folk style that will be more scintillating than my previous scores of ‘Nakka Mukka’ and ‘Aathicchudi’…

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