Mar 8, 2009

Sanjay’s next hilarious attempt

Only some among the leading men of Bollywood have ever been successful in striking the perfect chord with the audience with their comedy roles. Sanjay Dutt is one among these stars. Even though he had proved to have excellent comic timings, it was not until his adored role of “Munnabhai” surfaced, that Sanjay began to be considered as an expert in comedy. Another role which can surpass his “Munnabhai” character is fast approaching. In the coming months the “Baba” of Bollywood will be seen as Chatur Singh in a film titled ‘Chatur Singh Two Star’. Reportedly Sajay Dutt plays the role of a funny police Inspector with an equally comical outlook in the film. For the first time the actor will be using a wig for giving the ideal amusing look for his character. Mike Stringer, the world famous wig maker has been roped in by the director Ajay Chandhok to design the wig for the leading man.

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