Mar 12, 2009

Rahul Bose and Anoushka Shankar to 'Click & Marry'

Click & Marry, that's the unusual enticing title of a film to be directed by a London-based filmmaker Anu Menon.

The film is apparently about an alliance off the internet. But what makes it unusual is the casting. Rahul Bose and Pandit Ravi Shankar's elder daughter Anoushka Shankar play a couple who find their combined karma through the internet.

Neither Rahul nor Anoushka is willing to talk about the film. Says Rahul, "It's too early to say anything about this project. But Anoushka and I know each other well. So doing a film with her would be great fun. As for working with Anu, she seems committed and fun. And I've really enjoyed worked with a female director before. So why not this time?"

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