Dec 24, 2008

SRK's 'Billu Barber' promo out

A script that has been made and re-made depicts it to be worthy enough. The Malayalam blockbuster 'Katha Parayumpol' starring Mamooty and Srinivasan is the first in this list. The makers envisaged the script which was widely acclaimed for its realism and close to life portrayal of the megastar. The movie was an ode to friendship which impressed Tamil superstar Rajinikanth to sign up the movie. It became 'Kuselan' in Tamil with Pasupathi replacing Srinivasan in the role of a barber. The movie made a decent run and people adored to see the star in his own self, an actor on screen. Now, the latest is 'Billu Barber' which has Bollywood King Sharukh Khan along with Irrfan Khan. The flick is being speculated as it has already been enacted by the top stars of Malayalam and Telugu. The promo video of 'Billu Barber' is out that shows a stylish SRK at his best.

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