Nov 11, 2008

Navya Nair's glamorous Rendez Vous

It is a known fact that not only Navya Nair's looks, but also her costumes resemble a girl-next-door. However, this trait is going to be a thing of the past as the actress has decided to shed clothes to a certain extent. Says Navya, 'My role in the Srikanth starrer 'Rasikkum Seemane' most definitely needs glamour. Therefore I decided to appear in some attractive costumes. At the same time, I very well know the difference between glamour and vulgarity and will never cross the line.'When asked about the storyline of 'Rasikkum Seemane', she said, 'Srikanth plays a youth who blackmails big wigs in the society and extracts money from them. At one point of time, he threatens the character I play to fall in love with him. You will know the remaining after the film's release.'

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