Nov 11, 2008

Kavya gets ready for marriage

Following the rumors that lasted for the last six months, its is all official now. Kavya Madhavan, the numero uno heroine of Malayalam is getting married. The talented actress who has been in the limelight for about a decade will tie the knot with Nishchal Chandra, a bank employee working at Kuwait. It is now being revealed that the engagement between the two will happen immediately, though the actual dates of marriage is yet to be finalized. Nishchal has also got some filmi connection as he had been a child actor in many films like Gaandharvam, Ayitham , Ilavankodu Desam and Kizhakkunarum Pakshy. Even as a youth, he had appeared in a few roles in films like 'Of The People’ and ‘By The People’. When the news flashed through the media yesterday, Kavya was all around phone calls from media and relatives who were congratulating her and enquiring about whether this was a love marriage. Kavya who made it clear that this is an arranged marriage from a proposal brought before her parents by Sunil Gopi, brother of superstar Suresh Gopi. Kavya is indeed happy that her future husband has got much filmi connections and that he knows much about the industry. Nishchal has been studying for his B Tech and its post graduation in America after which he agreed for the job in Kuwait. Nishchal's family has been in Kuwait for the last 35 years. Grapevines are that Kavya will end her acting career in a few months and will start getting ready for becoming a good house wife. She is destined to fly to Kuwait and settle there, after her marriage that will happen by the month of March, 2009.

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