Oct 19, 2008

Mumtaj becomes Minister

Glamdoll Mumtaj is back to play a pivotal role in Sakthi Chidambaram's Rajathi Raja. The movie features Mumtaj playing the role of a Minister. Her's is a powerful and an emotional character which has wide scope for performance. It is sure to bring her greater laurels, said sources close to the unit. Introduced by Vijaya T Rajendher in Monisha En Monalisa, the actress had come a long way establishing herself, as a glam doll. Rajathi Raja featuring Raghava Larencce features five other heroines alongside Mumtaj. However, she downplays glamour and emotes a lot in the movie. People who expected Mumtaj to be the next minister, competing in the elections; better luck next time, because the actress has no plans to make it into politics for now.

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