Oct 1, 2008

Devayani to produce a film for Nakul

After the resounding success of Nakul with the film 'Kathalil Vizhunden', producers are forming a beeline to cast the young hero in their films. One among the producers is Devayani, sister of Nakul. It is known that Devayani who fell in love with director Rajakumaran and married him much against the wishes of her parents was disowned by them. However, her brother Nakul was in constant touch with the couple visiting them often.

Nakul's recognition as an actor to reckon with has pleased Devayani and her husband immensely. Devayani has gone on to announce that she would venture to make a film that will star her kid brother and directed by her husband. However information as to when the project would start is not clear.

Thanks to the aggressive promotion by Sun Network and the racy number 'Naaku Mukka', the film was successful in garnering wide publicity that translated itself to expectations. The film is doing very well at the box office.

Nakul has become a welcome addition to the list of numerous young heroes who have made their foray into Tamil films recently.

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