Sep 11, 2008

Priyamani & Mamtha in a film on Ayyappan

Director Sasi Mohan is currently directing a bilingual film in Tamil and Malayalam named 'Sabharimalai Shree Ayyappan'. Kaushik Babu stars as Ayyappan in this film. National Award winning actress Priyamani and Mamtha Mohandas play the heroines.  According to a press release issued by the producers of the film Anaswara Charitable Trust, a major highlight of the movie would be a seven minute glorification song on Ayyappan.  The press release also states that films on Ayyappan have hitherto been based on short incidents. 'Sabharimalai Shree Ayyappan' on the contrary would showcase a lengthy story that correlates to the spirit of Ayyappan.. Devotees throng Sabharimalai from November to January and the film would be a great joy for all the devotees.  Mohini, Thilagan, Biju Menon and many more also feature in the cast.

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