Aug 10, 2008

Simbu in Billa get-up

Friendship might be a lesser known virtue in the film industry but everybody in Kollywood knows that Silambarasan aka Simbu is a huge fan of Ultimate star Ajit. In all his films, he makes it a point to mouth positive punchlines about Ajit or show posters of the actor. Now he has gone step ahead and is donning the famous suave Billa look of Ajit for his latest film Silambattam. Sources close to the unit tells us that in the climax scene shot in Pollachi, Simbu comes in Billa suits in the confrontation scenes with the villain played by Kishore (of Pollathavan fame). When this idea was conceived, Anu Vardhan the costume designer of Billa was asked to do a similar suite worn by Thalai in the original. But due to time constraints it was not possible to stitch one on time. So the ‘Little superstar’ without any fuss, agreed to wear the same suit that Ajit wore after making necessary alterations! When contacted Simbu he said: “So what? I am a huge fan of Ajit and when my director came up with this idea I jumped at it. We have given the Billa BGM in this scene. When I appear in Ajit get-up, I’m sure than his fans and mine are going to freak out on it”.

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