Aug 6, 2008

Sherlyn censored

Controversies and censor scissors go where Sherlyn Chopra goes. Barely has her music video for 'Dard' come on air that Sherlyn is in the thick of things again. Censors have objected to her holds-no-bar skin show and chopped off number of shots from the video. This is what audience would be missing in the edited video which is now being beamed on air:

- Close up shots of the bust have been edited

- Close up shots of the butt have been edited

- The 'cross' dangling around Sherlyn's neck has been edited

- Coffee bean and drenched in chocolate visuals with Shaawar have been edited.

Censors found Sherlyn's touching Shaawar's body highly objectionable. Only solo shots of Sherlyn retained.- Visual where Sherlyn's leg is being slightly lifted by a dancer has been edited

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