Aug 8, 2008

Priyadarsan lashes out at Kuselan

Ace director Priyadarsan has lashed out at P.Vasu directed 'Kuselan' and says that the 'essence of the original Malayalam film Katha Parayumbol is missing in the Tamil version'. Priyan who is shooting for Billoo Barber the Hindi version of Katha Parayumbol in Pollachi says he will strictly adhere to the original version. Priyan feels that Vasu messed it up by giving more importance to Rajinikanth's superstar character and playing down the protagonist played by Pasupathy. "The trouble with Kuselan is that it was made out to be a larger than life Rajinikanth film which it was not, and the focus of the story shifted from Pasupathy, done brilliantly by Sreenivasan in the original and introduction of characters that were not there in the original like Nayanthara, Vadivel and Sona." Priyan says that in Billoo Barber, SRK will appear only towards the climax of the film. "My hero is Irfan Khan, who plays the role of Sreenivasan in the original. I have not tried to heighten the impact of SRK nor tried to glorify him. Like in the original he will appear only towards the climax."

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