Aug 14, 2008

Meera Jasmine out of Malayalam films

Though numerous awards are showering on Meera Jasmine for her meticulous performances in many films last year, Malayalee film makers seems to have decided to teach her a lesson on professionalism. She had been the least punctual of all in the sets of her recent movies like'Innathe Chintha Vishayam' and 'Minnaminnikkoottam', making her co-stars like Mohanlal and veteran directors like Kamal wait for hours in order to start shooting. These incidents have irked the entire Malayalam film industry, who have reached a point of thought that working with her in future might prove to be quite risky.

Moreover her recent row with the Mollywood artists association AMMA, that concerned her dates for the movie 'Twenty: 20' is all set to come down as a big blow to her career in Malayalam films. By refusing to act in 'Twenty: 20', Meera Jasmine has ruffled many feathers and scores of people in the industry were asking for strict actions against her. She was earlier named to take part in the shoot of Mammootty's 'Kuttyshranku' and Mohanlal's 'Swapanamalika'. But then nothing has been heard about her part in these films of late. For 'Kuttyshranku', the director has already roped in the Bengali actress Kamalee Mukherjee to replace Meera. After poor reports and reviews about clichéd acting from the lead pair in 'Minnaminnikkoottam', no new filmmakers from Malayalam has approached her with fresh projects.

But, Meera Jasmine seems to be least bothered over these new developments in Mollywood. She seems to have made up her mind to concentrate more on other languages. She have already started working for noted Kannda offbeat director M.S. Sathyu, for his new film titled 'Ijjodu', produced by Reliance Adlabs. Interestingly, the movie will have Meera Jasmine playing the role of a Devadasi. She is now doing quite well in the Telugu film industry too, her latest being 'Gorintaku' with Rajasekar about a brother-sister bond, where she played the sister's role. She will be completing another Telugu movie where she stars with Jagapathi Babu. The movie was shot extensively in Kashmir. Meera has agreed for some more films in Telugu including the, Srikanth starrer titled 'A Aa Ee Ee'.

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