Aug 6, 2008

Manoj kumar honored as well as wounded

Actor with high patriotic fervor Manoj Kumar is experiencing two different moods in his life currently one with an award and with a dishonor. Madhya Pradesh government has decided to constitute an award in his name which carries cash component of Rs one lakh. The government also willing to propose the actor's name to Bharath Rathna award. Manoj Kumar has been conferred with National Kishore Kumar Award by the government recently. While presenting the award state cultural minister Laxmikant Sharma said that the award in the actors name consist with cash reward of Rs 2,00,000. Manoj Kumar seems to be hurt with the promotion of Om Shanthi Om TV premiere. In August when the film was released immediately objections were raised by the actor regarding the way he has been portrayed by Sharukh Khan and Farah Khan. The actor has approached the court in Dindoshi Court Goregaon to either delete the scenes or stop the premiere. He was angered by the non-response form the opponent side after repeated request have been made.

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