Aug 18, 2008

Hollywood actress with Dhanush

Actor Dhanush is on a roll with a string of movies that have done well at the box office. He is currently working for the film 'Padikkathavan' which is directed by Suraj and stars Tamamma as heroine. Once this project is over, the actor would team up once again with the makers of the successful 'Polladhavan'. Vetri Maaran, director of 'Polladhavan' had made an exemplary script about the plight of a young boy who loses his beloved motorbike and the travails he has to undergo caught up with menacing gangsters laced with terrifying incidents. The director was quite successful in showcasing an interesting tale of love in the narration along with the dark realities of the underworld. Appreciated highly by all sections of society for coming up with a spellbinding narration especially on debut, much is expected of the young director with his second film. It would most likely be another gripping tale from Vetri Maaran. An interesting fact about this new film is that a Hollywood actress would be playing a very prominent role in the film that would be based on the Chaos Theory (absolutely nothing to do with 'Dasavatharam'). An Indian actress however would be roped in soon to play the heroine. An incident responsible for other events to happen in a powerful fashion could form the crux of the story. With Vetri Maaran's 'exploring' kind of narration, this facet could be the perfect foil for another stunner. The film is expected to start filming by the end of next month and an April 14, 2009 release is on the cards.

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