Oct 12, 2007

'Kangaroo' to live it up

The shoot for the film titled 'Kangaroo' will start in a week's time. Prithviraj is an auto driver (Jose Kutty) who takes care of a baby which he found on the street. Just like a Kangaroo he carries the child everywhere with him and gives it every comfort. Jose Kutty is also almost an orphan like this child, who was born in a big family, but had to lead an ordinary life. The film which is produced by Isabella Movie Tone is directed by Raj Babu. The film have a big cast including Jayasuriya, Kavya Madhavan, Jagathy, Salim Kumar, Bindhu Panikkar, Suraj, Sijukuttan, Lalu Alex and Sukumari. The film which is distributed by Lal Release may reach the theatres as a Christmas film.

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